Andrew Clinton Jones 1984-2013

On February 12, my youngest brother, mom's "baby", passed away. He was just 28. He had some health issues in the recent months, and had a seizure that he never woke up from. Andrew was the charmer of the family. Always ready with a witty comeback, and always laid back. Rarely did anything get him angry. He loved living in the mountains, and was where he wanted to be, living in the snow, able to ride everyday if he wanted to.  It hasn't sunk in just yet that I can't pick up the phone and text him to tease him when the Avalanche get beat, or that he won't send me random pics anymore of his latest snowboarding trick. He was crazy on that board. Seriously.

He would have been 29 on March 2. We are planning to scatter his ashes this summer on the mountains that he so loved. 

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