JULY Freebie: Crosses of Ryan and Tarah Block 3

Sorry for the delay (again!) We went out of town for the holiday and it turned out I had no internet access other than my phone...which also suffered a crushing blow over the course of the weekend. My brand new Iphone crash landed on a concrete porch and now has a completely shattered screen. Of course it isn't covered under warranty, so I will have so suffer with it for awhile.

Anyway, without further ado, here is the July block in Crosses of Ryan and Tarah. This month's cross is in reflection upon summers spent at Falls Creek . Every summer from 7th grade through high school we would spend a week here with our church youth groups. It was always hot and humid, and we sat in an open air chapel for services. Right outside the chapel stood this very rugged, aged, wooden cross. It was a symbolic place for people to turn over their sins to God, confess, and be forgiven. If you felt compelled to do so, you could write your sins on a scrap of paper and nail it to the cross. Many many lives have been forever changed from the experiences at Falls Creek. Next year my own daughter will be old enough to attend for the first time. Even after I was out of high school, both Mom and I served with our church youth group as cooks for our group for a few years. It is a special place and many friendships have been forged there.

You can download the pattern and instructions for Block 3 HERE

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