New logo! New layout!

So the "old" logo I've been using is about 10 years old, and while still adorable, I decided it was time for an overhaul. I've played around with illustrator (played being the key word) until I wanted to throw my laptop out, and managed to finagle it into compliance long enough to come up with a few different logo ideas. Finally after hours and hours of cutting, clipping, moving, sizing, yelling, and exhaustion, I have come up with a logo that I love. It has my beloved ladybugs. 2 little ones that represent my husband and I, one large one that represents this endeavor, because while I may be the one making and creating, he is absolutely supporting me in every step....which usually means doing far more laundry and cooking/cleaning around the house than he probably should. Two together create something bigger than us.

The sunflowers are there because, they are my favorite flower, and my hubby likes to bring them home to me all the time. They make me happy. They make me smile. Ladybugs love them. There are 4 large flowers, representing each of my children. my 1 daughter and 3 boys. 

The rustic wood background represents our country home. 

Who'd have thought so much could go into a little logo?? But I like it. It suits me and it suits my business. I hope y'all like it too.

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