Digital Content being added!

I'm still chugging away at adding more products to the site.  Today I started working on adding some digital content.  I've created several PDF patterns, Embroidery designs, and SVG files for use, and I've decided to offer them for sale.  I will make these items with instant download available, so if you want to be able to go back later for them you will have to make sure you create an account at checkout. I'm also learning more and more in illustrator so I can create more unique designs. I have tons of ideas but I would love to get...

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Flying by the seat of my pants!

So. If you've known me for any time or if you've seen my work, its always been seen on facebook or by my blog.  I've owned this domain for EIGHT years.  Clearly building a website is not my strong suit haha!It seems to be coming along nicely. I'm getting products added weekly, and slowly tweaking things here and there to make it customized to my desires.  I need 24 more hours in a day ha! I'm very slow at this stuff. I have my new sublimation printer that arrived 2 days ago. I haven't set it up yet, but hope...

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Welcome to my new website!

So, I've had this domain for....well. Let's just say a VERY long time. I've always wanted to have my own stand alone website to showcase the things I have made and sold. Being that most of my work is completely custom presents its own unique set of challenges, but I've jumped in with both feet and hope to see my little hobby-turned-business flourish.   Bear with me as I navigate the waters of website creation, because this is NOT in my wheelhouse by any stretch. I can envision what I'd like to see, but making that come to fruition is going...

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