Flying by the seat of my pants!

So. If you've known me for any time or if you've seen my work, its always been seen on facebook or by my blog.  I've owned this domain for EIGHT years.  Clearly building a website is not my strong suit haha!

It seems to be coming along nicely. I'm getting products added weekly, and slowly tweaking things here and there to make it customized to my desires.  I need 24 more hours in a day ha! I'm very slow at this stuff.

I have my new sublimation printer that arrived 2 days ago. I haven't set it up yet, but hope to early next week. I am getting orders out the rest of the week and this weekend while my kids and husband are at Storm Chaser training with Civil Air Patrol, I'm spending it on a campaign RV working for a couple of campaigns, and preparing to block walk in my own precinct for my precinct chair race, where I have an opponent for my seat.

So next week my focus is adding product lines to the site. What sorts of things are you all looking to see added with the sublimation? Coffee mugs are top of my list. Kitchen/Tea towels, shirts, slate tiles, and more come to mind.  Comment and I'll select someone to win the item they suggest. :D



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