Welcome to my new website!

So, I've had this domain for....well. Let's just say a VERY long time. I've always wanted to have my own stand alone website to showcase the things I have made and sold. Being that most of my work is completely custom presents its own unique set of challenges, but I've jumped in with both feet and hope to see my little hobby-turned-business flourish.  

Bear with me as I navigate the waters of website creation, because this is NOT in my wheelhouse by any stretch. I can envision what I'd like to see, but making that come to fruition is going to take alot of patience and coffee. I only have one of those in abundance. 

I haven't blogged much in the last few years, as life tends to throw curve balls, and I've had several that have taken me down far different paths than I had once envisioned. Some have been wonderful. Some have been heartbreaking. But we keep on pushing forward and learn to take it all in stride.

In the few years I've had a blogging "hiatus" I have added several things to my business, formed new friendships and alliances, and discovered new interests and passions. I plan to share a little of all these things here, and I hope you will stick around.  I want to return to sharing tutorials, writing patterns, and offering some digital content as well as finished products.  If you would like to see something please pipe in and leave me comments! 

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