Bless Your Heart You Dont Know Youre Crazy Sublimation Transfer


Our designs are printed on high-release Sublimation paper and transferred using your heat press. Finished product requires at minimum 50% Polyester content materials or specially coated sublimation blanks. The higher the polyester content, the brighter the color quality. Lower polyester content will result in a more vintage/distressed/faded look. Sublimation has best results on lighter fabrics. You cannot see any designs pressed onto black or dark fabrics. Other items specially coated for sublimation can also be used such as pillow cases, mugs, ornaments, tiles, and dish towels. The combination of heat and pressure converts sublimation ink into gas particles that bond to the polyester fibers of your blank. The dye is absorbed by the fabric and permanently fused for a finished "printed" look that has no raised feel.


Recommended Sublimation Instructions

Press at 400° for 60 seconds. (Generally). Various blanks may have different instructions.  Follow manufacturer recommendations for your particular blank.  Lift the transfer paper immediately and let cool. 

Sizes are approximate width. May vary slightly depending upon the nature of the design.

Adult size is 10"

Youth size is 8"

Child size is 6"

Infant size is 4"

Coffee Mug/Pocket size is 3.5"

Custom sizes available upon request up to 12.75x 18.5. Please leave your desired size in the notes at checkout. (desired width)